A couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity of working with City Mission on their first annual Fall Gala: Escape to Santorini.


Before we talk about the Gala, we would like to take a minute to tell you about City Mission. City Mission is an organization that battles poverty and homelessness in Washington County. With two different programs – Compassionate Care and the Life Recovery Program – City Mission not only helps feed, house, and care for those stricken with poverty, but also aids in turning lives around. They teach life skills, help set goals, and aid in reentry into society. Those who work and volunteer for City Mission work with men, women, children, and veterans of all ages and backgrounds.

For the Gala, we set up 6 different Lounge Experiences and even introduced some new pieces!


We added 2 faux suede modern couches in two different Experiences; one with a few rustic pieces and the other, a nice modern patio look.


The Cigar Lounge was a more modern spin with seating for 8. One of our favorites, this Lounge Experience was the featured Lounge in our Warehouse for a month!



The biggest lounge experience they ordered was to seat 20 people. We put in 5 different lounges and various chairs. We added some table tops, as well as ottomans to offer extra seating.


The biggest volume job we’ve ever done, the City Mission Gala was a beautiful and meaningful success.