Contrasting Opinions

September 19, 2018

Looking through albums of old wedding photos, you’ll notice one of the biggest trends that was a part of the wedding scene for so many years: everything had to match!

From the dress, to the cake, to the flowers, if it didn’t match, it didn’t work.

Going outside of the color spectrum felt scary; we thought, “would it look weird if it didn’t feel perfectly matched?”.

Anyone who decide to jump outside of those lines seemed like they were taking a big risk.

But what we’re here to tell you is this: if you don’t want to match, you don’t have to!

A contrasting color palette is just as beautiful as colors that come from the same palette. The stark differences will catch your eye as well and add such a unique look to your event that your guests will always talk about.

In addition to the contrast, adding a pop of color is just another way to show a little more of your personality on your big day!

A few of the images below are from the shoot we did with Hannah Bjordnal Photography, At Home Beauty & Justine Marsheck that show off what it can look like when you play with contrasting colors!


Always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and we think you and your unique personality and opinions are beautiful!)


Vendor Team:

Photography: Hannah Bjordnal

MUA: At Home Beauty

Styling: Justine Marsheck



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