3 Things We’ve Learned From Running A Business…And They Aren’t What You Think

October 24, 2018

3 Things We’ve Learned From Running A Business…And They Aren’t What You Think

Over the past 10 years of running multiple companies, working with some of the most well known brands in the world and more,  we’ve learned countless lessons when it comes to business.

The 3 ideas we’re sharing cover the most foundational mindsets that you have to have when it comes to starting or continuing on the journey of Entrepreneurship.

1.Your WHY is the most important foundation for your business

WHY you do what you do is the most crucial and fundamental question that you have to ask in your business. You aren’t in business just to have a business.

You are starting a business to serve a need, a certain kind of client and to impact a certain group of people.

Most people will tell you that when you are starting a business you need to: get a website, open a bank account, create a business card. And it’s all wrong.

You need to clearly define your WHY so you can start talking about your new venture with clarity, passion and a drive to see it come into the world. This is what will attract the right kind of partners, clients and business your way and your hard work to make it successful is the icing on the cake.

2. There is absolutely no guide for running a business

No matter if it’s life, business, relationships, there is no official “how to guide” for doing it right.

Wouldn’t it be just so easy if someone would handed us a manual at the beginning of any journey and be like “here you go!”

All of the mistakes, struggle and failure are removed.

As nice as it sounds, it would be the worst thing possible. Even though failure and mistakes feel like our worst nightmare, they are actually what make us incredible leaders and entrepreneurs, if we let it.

The more we walk through and learn and make mistakes in, the more we have the opportunity to grow, be better and extend an empathetic hand to those coming up behind us.

3. The point of your business journey is what you do, not other people or things

This can be such a downfall in business: we consume so much of other people’s lives, content, ideas that we end up being drowned in perfectionism and comparison.

It completely blocks our ability to be creative, happy and unique.

Julie Solomon, creator of the chart-topping podcast The Influencer Podcast, founder of Pitch It Perfect, said that she likes to spend time in the morning creating before she consumes other people’s content. We’re like YASSS QUEEN to all of that!

The more you allow yourself to be YOU and serve your clients, customers and audience the best, the better and happier you and your business will be.

Create a business and lifestyle that, at the end of the day, you can be proud of and excited to continue with no matter what comes your way.

You got this.



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