Corporate (Casual) Fridays

December 14, 2018

Raise your hand if you hear the phrase #selfcare, at least once a day if not more?

There’s no question that it’s become a buzzword and it has plenty of different meanings depending on who you ask.

The basic definition: an activity that you do that provides you a feeling of rest and rejuvenation while you do it and after you do it.

Whether that means spending time with friends, reading a book on your couch, traveling, going for a walk, the end goal is to make sure you feel rested.

So what does this have to do with your company?

Your team works hard…really hard. They go, go, go 5 days a week (if not more) and most often they don’t have time to bond together as a team, get to know each other in a relaxed environment and make connections that are great for both their personal and work lives.

Everyone loves a Casual Friday.

To be able to shake out of the crisp, business dress of the week for a more comfortable outfit is so satisfying.

Sometimes, we forget to acknowledge the people who work with us, for us, and near us. We get so busy in our day to day efforts that we forget to give them the ability to relax and connect with the team they work so hard with during week.

This is what we call, a casual Friday.

If you feel like you’ve gotten into that rut, give your people something to celebrate: themselves! Make them feel comfortable and welcome. Give them a memorable night that they can let loose and have fun all together!

We paired up with GRLPWRPGH, as well as a few other empowering women, these past few months for some amazing events that we hope will inspire your next Casual Friday!

Entering into their Q4, GRLPWRPGH threw their current and potential members a Boho Chic evening at Bay 41 in Lawerenceville and we were so excited to create a beautiful barscape and Lounge Experience.


The ladies got to unwind, enjoy the beautiful evening and feel so appreciated.

We loved working with these wonderful women in creating an unforgettable night.

We were also invited to set up a Lounge for Ta’lor Pinkston of LADYHOOD Journey during GRLPWRPGH’s speaker series, as well as a platform for the Social Media Conference they held. 


Walking away from these events leaves us feeling empowered, relaxed, and motivated. Let your employees take a load off and be sure to show them that you care, because, chances are, they need it more than you think.

Vendor Love:

Events: GRLPOWER Pittbsurgh

Venues: Bay 41 Lawrenceville & Meraki Studio

Balloon Design: Confetti Carousel

Flowers: Sapphire & Lace & Steel Cut Stems 



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