Are you Craving intimacy over tradition for your dream wedding?

You won't feel the need to rush from moment to moment and hope you talked to everyone you invited.

This Experience allows you to truly enjoy every piece of your magical day that you planned, slow down and cherish every moment.

That's something you'll be so thankful for...

Have your wedding plans been full of your dream dress, delicious food, the perfect drinks and getting married to the love of your life?

And yet it doesn't seem possible because there is one thing standing in your way:
Your massive guest list.

It would be impossible to create the wedding you've always wanted with all of the people you think you need to invite...

Read on for all of the details!

A Micro Wedding gives you the opportunity to create an authentic guest experience with all of the pieces that you really want instead of the ones you think you need...

You can allocate your budget to doing statement pieces and Experiences rather than having to put that money towards a lot of little things

A Micro Wedding Is The Answer You've Been Looking For.

If you're looking to create the wedding
you've always wanted,
filled with space, intentionality and plenty of time to relax, dance and chat with all of your beloved guests,
A Micro Wedding 
is for you.

Ceremony Archway
Ceremony Seating
1 Head Table (Chairs OR Couch + Table)
1 Mini Lounge Experience
Farm Tables & Mismatched Seating for your Guests
Mismatched Vintage Dinnerware and Gold Flatware
Mismatched Glassware
Coordination with your entire Vendor Team
 Ceremony & Reception Decor set up & staging by the Old Souls Team
Includes rentals for up to 50 people
**A la carte rentals can be added on to this package.

Your Micro Wedding package includes:

before your event:

During your event:

After your event:

Design & Styling for your Ceremony
Design & Styling for your Reception Tablescape
Unlimited email correspondence
Additional Vendor Recommendations

Complete tear down & Retrieval of all Decor & Design rentals
by the Old Souls Team

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Additional A La Carte Rentals Include:
Rug Aisle
Ceremony Rug
Bar Area Package

Need to scale down or scale up this Experience? 
We can easily customize what you're looking to rent for your magical day!

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